Research Education

The Post Doctoral experience is an important part of a researcher’s career. This area addresses some of the recognized challenges, needs and interests for prospective and current BWH/Harvard Medical School Post Docs by providing resources to support career and professional development, encourage professional responsibility, enhance the training experience and foster effective mentoring.

We want to extend the goals of the ORC, which are:

  • Research Advisory Committee – develop policies & initiatives
  • Community building across the BWH and HMS affiliates
  • Standardized benefits package and pay scale – create transparency
  • Advocacy and resource center for the postdoctoral community
  • Orientation – to complement existing orientations
  • Institutionally defined training period and guidelines for extension
  • Reviews of training progress – performance evaluations, annual career conferences
  • Improved skills and competencies – i.e. mentoring
  • Diversity Initiatives: Outreach, Retention, Recruitment
  • Mechanism for problem resolution
  • Career Development workshops/seminars