Prospective Post Docs

Brigham and Women’s Hospital is home to one of the most powerful Biomedical Research Institutes in the world. With total research expenditures topping $370 million in FY2005 (64% attributed to NIH grants), BWH has 2,600 professional and technical staff devoted to research, including over 1,000 Primary Investigators (PIs) and 800 research fellows. The BWH Biomedical Research Institute (BRI) is the umbrella organization for all research efforts at the hospital.

BWH has long had great success in biomedical research as measured by the number of important discoveries, size and scope of its research portfolio, and the volume of publications. This success is the result of the entrepreneurial nature of individual investigators, and it has been achieved with formal structures of individual Departments.

For more information about post-doctoral opportunities, please visit  The Office for Postdoctoral and Research Careers (OPRC). It is the place for postdocs to get connected into the postdoc community at BWH and across the Harvard-affiliated hospitals and Longwood Medical Area institutions.

For available post-doc opportunities, please visit  here or the BWH careers page. However, the best vehicle for finding a postdoc position is to identify a PI conducting work in your specific area of interest, and to email that PI directly with your CV and cover letter.


Here are some of BWH Postdocs’ most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are my BWH employee benefits?
How can I order BWH Business Cards?
Are there any discounts on goods and services available via BWH?
How do I enroll in the BWH English as a Scientific Language (ESL) Course?
What is the Harvard Catalyst?
Where can I find out about events, training and career development  for postdocs at BWH?
Are there any organizations or support groups for families and spouses of internationals?
Where can I get a training/fellowship verification done for my BWH/HMS fellowship?
Where do I find out about Funding opportunities?
Do I have a Harvard Medical School Appointment?
Where do I get my Harvard ID?
Where can I find out about the Harvard “Red Book”?
Where can I search for housing in Boston?
Where can I find information on relocation to Boston?
Who can I contact in BWH Human Resources with questions about my benefits or employee relations issues?
Are there any resources for International postdocs?
How do I join the BWH ORC’s Linkedin Networking and Alumni Group?
Where can I find BWH postdoctoral fellow job listings?
Where can I get more information about BWH/HMS Libraries?
How do I subscribe to the Research Connection Email Series?
Where can I find the schedule/topics for the monthly Research Connection LIVE Lunch?
How do I subscribe to the ORC Mailing list/the ORC Spotlight e-newsletter?
When do I go to Orientation?
Does BWH have any postdoc policies?
Are there any postdoc organizations at BWH/HMS?
Are there any guidelines for promotion at BWH/HMS?
Where can I find out about Research Resources available at BWH/HMS?
Are there any social events for postdocs at BWH/HMS?
Where can I find M2 shuttle schedules?
Are there any opportunities for postdocs to gain teaching experience?
Where can I find out more about the BWH Tuition Reimbursement Policy?

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